The Logosophical Method

The logosophical method, with its unique essence, possesses an extraordinary quality - that of being adaptable to every mind as it yields that part of knowledge proportionate to what the individual capability can absorb. It is a source of advice and recommendations accomplishing their function to all that applies to them (the individual), with integrity and learning spirit, looking for excellence and human betterment.

This method guides the human being to new and solid behavior concerning one’s own self. It is no longer a question of investigating the psychology of others; it is the psychology of one’s self that is the subject being studied and, consequently, in order to implement this study without errors and omissions, the logosophical method guides us to the essential places of this knowledge, to ensure that the individual can open, there, the “chest of investigation” and extract from it, through this intimate search, that extends throughout one’s whole life, their most concealed values.

Studying and practicing the logosophical knowledge, the pupil develops all his/hers mental faculties harmoniously and consciously. The tools and methodology available from the logosophical study enables him/her intelligence to gradually enter into the solution of issues, answers for a great number of questions and concepts which, before, could not transcend due to his/hers own limitation of intellectual resources.

Where do we come from? What is the reason for us to live? These and other matters, which before were the monopoly of religions and beliefs, such as the concept of God, the human spirit, the mental and metaphysical worlds, etc., are no longer uncertainties. The pupil may now analyze these issues and doubts at the light of a new humanistic conception, logically, in sound judgment and rationally.